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The Java programming language was developed at Sun MicroSystems (which is
now a subsidiary of Oracle Corporation) and was released in 1995. The intent of the
language was for portability on the World Wide Web. It does not contain some of
the features of C++ (such as operator overloading and multiple inheritance, where
overloading and inheritance will be discussed in Chaps. 5 and 9), so it is an easier
language to learn. Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) is a programming methodology
that makes it more convenient to reuse software as will be discussed
further in Chaps. 2, 5, and 9. Although no prior programming experience is
necessary to learn Java in this text, programmers with experience in C or C++
will recognize a number of similarities between Java and these languages. Conversely,
programmers learning Java first will also notice a number of similarities
should they subsequently learn C or C++. The reason for this similarity between
these languages is that both Java and C++ are based on C.


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مقدمة في البرمجة بإستخدام لغة الجافا
درس مختصر بالجافا
المصفوفات بلغة الجافا
في لغة الجافا final درس في الكلمة المفتاحية
أسئلة وحلها في لغة الجافا
ما الفرق بين البورت و الأي بي
عقدة الفكرة موجودة مسبقا
RDP ما هو بروتوكول
للناس ال مبتدئه في الربح من النت
خوارزميات التشفير
أشهر المنظمات التي برزت في عالم القرصنة الرقمية
الخاص بي IP كيفية معرفة ال
“NANO-TECHNOLOGY” زراعة الشرائح الإلكترونية في جسم الإنسان و تقنية ال