Building the Gigabit City

Despite what the cover says, this book isn’t about building gigabit networks. Seriously,

it’s true. But don’t feel bad. You’re not the victim of a bait and switch. This is actually

your first, maybe most important, lesson – ignore the hype, meet the need. Building the

Gigabit City is a valuable tool for community stakeholders who want to do both.

Your community may not need a gigabit network. Yet. What they need, what much of the

United States needs, is faster Internet access that enables businesses to communicate

faster and more effectively so that a bakery or dress shop in small town Ottumwa, IA can

be a player in the national or even international market.

Many communities need Internet access that’s fast enough and reliable enough so an

emergency room in tiny Powell, WY can create a digital bridge to Boston Mass General’s

best surgeons for a real-time life-saving video consult. Many U.S. communities need

Internet services capable of transforming how our urban kids and adults use technology

to learn and improve their economic status.


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