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Building the Gigabit City

Building the Gigabit City

Despite what the cover says, this book isn’t about building gigabit networks. Seriously,

it’s true. But don’t feel bad. You’re not the victim of a bait and switch. This is actually

your first, maybe most important, lesson – ignore the hype, meet the need. Building the

Gigabit City is a valuable tool for community stakeholders who want to do both.

Your community may not need a gigabit network. Yet. What they need, what much of the

United States needs, is faster Internet access that enables businesses to communicate

faster and more effectively so that a bakery or dress shop in small town Ottumwa, IA can

be a player in the national or even international market.

Many communities need Internet access that’s fast enough and reliable enough so an

emergency room in tiny Powell, WY can create a digital bridge to Boston Mass General’s

best surgeons for a real-time life-saving video consult. Many U.S. communities need

Internet services capable of transforming how our urban kids and adults use technology

to learn and improve their economic status.


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