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For Android developers align icons in the form of a grid

For Android developers :

I am having one problem with this design. How can I align these icons in the form of a grid? Cus whenever I use margins it’s not responsive. I have tried using relative layouts and all those alignment properties but I am not getting the desired results.

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Solutions :

  1. You can use textview with drawable top and drawable paddin

  2. Model for grid item +Grid + layout for the grid’s item to be used in custome base adapter. Data provide helper to provide items info.For alignment u can play around with item layout that been used in the adapter

  3. You want it scrollable or not?
    Is it fixed size or not?
    You can use table layout but not that match.
    The best is Grid view with custom adapter and it is scrollable and can adapt icons width and count with screen width

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