With continuous development of science and technology, cloud computing technology
has been used to extensively improve the quality of network services.
However, there remain applications of complex operations in the graphic applications.
When the user runs this drawing program, the image processor cannot
instantly complete calculation, resulting in picture delay, thus, user experience
is reduced. In the application of cloud service, data transfer often occupies the
network bandwidth. If part of the client-side mathematical capability is combined
with the server calculation, the complex parts are calculated by the server,
meaning the use of network bandwidth can be reduced, allowing the user to
use network transmission smoothly when using cloud services. Common cloud
services mostly accelerate CPU operations, and with the performance improvement
of the Graphic Processing Unit in recent years, cloud services for GPU
acceleration have appeared, and the research subjects regarding remote rendering
have gradually received greater attention. It was originally implemented by
open source ; while the hybrid rendering architecture, etc., were proposed in
recent years . However, there is no study regarding a remote rendering system
on network speed and quality. In view of this, this study intends to use the
graphics computing capacity of the current PC to enhance the graphic capability
of mobile devices. As more network bandwidth will be consumed during
remote rendering, this study considers the image processing capacity of mobile
devices, current graphic capability of devices, and current network transmission
rates and quality as the decision parameters of the hybrid rendering system of
this study. Finally, the image processors of the client-side and server simultaneously
execute calculation. Based on this parameter calculation, the user can use
a remote server for drawing even when the network transmission is unstable.


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كتاب الشامل بلغة الجافا
C كتاب مقدمة في البرمجة بلغة
(حل أسئلة بلغة برمجة باسكال (ملفات+سلاسل
أهم الأسئلة التي يجب أن تعرف إجابتها عن حماية المعلومات
في مشواري لتعلم البرمجة
TCP/IP أنواع بروتوكولات
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